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Feral Fridays - WIX background.png
Feral Fridays - WIX.png

Feral cats are abandoned strays and their offspring who have lost or never experienced socialization to humans. Formerly socialized feral cats can sometimes be rehabilitated and returned to life in a home. However, if not caught and socialized at a very early age, feral kittens will never feel safe or comfortable with humans.


Exposure to predators, motor vehicles, disease, starvation, severe weather, and abuse at the hands of humans create harsh conditions for these unfortunate beings, often contributing to great suffering and untimely deaths. Cats who live safely in their homes can live into their twenties, while a feral cat's life averages three years if they're lucky.


Golden State Humane Society's Feral Fridays program plays a vital part in the fight to reduce feral cat populations by providing FREE spay and neuter surgeries. 

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